What will the ceremony include?

Each Funeral Ceremony is unique, and personal, but here is a sample script which includes the welcome, a tribute (or “eulogy”), time for quiet reflection and closing words. If you wish, family and friends can contribute with their memories or a reading.

Good morning, everyone.  On behalf of the family, I’d like to welcome you, and thank you for being here today.  My name is Shena Lewington, and it is my privilege to lead this ceremony. 

Why are we here today? This is a celebration of life – not just of Bill’s life, but also of the lives of those of us on whom he had an impact. So we are here to say farewell, to express the love, affection and regard in which Bill was held, and to celebrate the person he was. It is not a religious ceremony because Bill was not a religious man, but he was a good man, a kind man and someone who enriched our lives by his presence. You may not all know each other, but you are linked through him.  You may have known him as a father, brother, uncle, granddad or a friend. I would like to share some words from one of the many messages sent in the past few days to Barbara and her family, which I think expresses the thoughts and feelings of us all: “Bill was a dear friend, a real gentleman, who was dignified to the very end”

The Tribute The family have asked me to tell you a little of Bill’s life.

William James Campbell was born in Kidsgrove on 7th July 1924. He was the son of Henry and Mary, …..

(Tributes, memories and poems from friends and family)

 See my tribute to my own father here.

Farewell  At this point, we shall spend a few moments remembering Bill’s part in our lives, the happy and the sad times, the comical and the solemn, the special memories that are Bill’s legacy to you.  

Quiet music

Barbara would like me to thank the staff at the Douglas Macmillan Hospice, who made the last few weeks of Bill’s life more comfortable.  The family are very grateful for the support they received, and have asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Hospice. You will find envelopes for this as you leave.

We now come to the point in the ceremony when we must finally say farewell to Bill.

Would you please now stand?   (Words of committal)