Code of Practice for Celebrants

Our Funeral Celebrants adhere to the following Code of Practice:

1. The Celebrant will conduct the funeral ceremony calmly, audibly, and with dignity.

2. The structure of the Funeral Ceremony will be agreed, wherever possible, at a face-to-face meeting with the client, which will normally be held at the client’s home. Those present should generally be only the client and close relatives.

3. The Celebrant will base the tribute on the information provided by the family. The tribute may include factual elements, personal anecdotes and memories.

4. The Celebrant will seek to accommodate the client’s suggestions for the ceremony, and will offer advice about music, poetry and readings appropriate to the occasion

5. A Cheshire Ceremonies Funeral can include religious material, if requested. The Celebrant will be able to provide suggestions for religious poetry, hymns and prayers. However, if it becomes apparent that a fully religious service is desired, the clients will be referred back to the Funeral Director for contact with a member of the clergy.

6. Members of the family or personal circle of the deceased will be offered the opportunity to participate in the tribute or to contribute readings.

7. The Celebrant will prepare, in appropriate and correct English, a script which celebrates and reflects the life of the deceased with integrity and accuracy.

8. The Celebrant will provide a preview copy of the script, to ensure that the content of the tribute is accurate and that the ceremony reflects the wishes of the client.

9. Funerals will always be delivered from a full written text, which will include any contributions from others. A commemorative copy of the script will be offered to the client, to be sent within ten days of the funeral.

10. At cremations, the Celebrant will provide the chapel staff with a music cue sheet, enabling the prompt and correct use of music during the ceremony.

11. Cheshire Ceremonies work in association with Yvonne Lewington Funeral Photography, and this additional service may appear on their advertising or other literature.

12. Notwithstanding Item 11, Celebrants will not use their access to clients to promote products or paid services in any other occupation, or other interests, philosophies, religious or other beliefs.

13. Funeral Celebrants will seek to establish and maintain good working relationships with staff of their local crematoria, local cemeteries and local Funeral Directors. They will liaise effectively and efficiently with Funeral Directors, Cemetery and Crematorium Staff.

14. Celebrants will follow social custom in wearing appropriate dress for a funeral. Clients will have the option of requiring the Celebrant to dress in black.

15. Celebrants will maintain confidentiality of the details of funerals they have conducted.

16. Celebrants will be punctual when meeting with clients, Funeral Directors and Crematorium and Cemetery Staff as well as conducting funerals. If unforeseen or emergency events dictate the Celebrants’ late or non-attendance, a colleague will be informed or the ceremony script forwarded to the venue, ensuring that every effort is made to provide emergency cover.

17. The fee for the ceremony will be charged through the Funeral Director’s disbursements.

18. Celebrants will follow custom in being available to thank family and guests as they leave. Celebrants will not normally accept invitations to attend any gathering that follows the funeral.